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Backup CMDBuild 2.4 and restore to 3.3.2

Hello Team,

Currently trying to backup the 2.4 database so i can restore it on a newly build 3.3.2. I know i have to use pg_dump, but not sure on where the database is or what tags to use in the syntax. Any assistance would be more than welcome.

You should be able to find the details of the Database your CMDBuild instance is running against in the database.conf file stored in the configuration directory of your deployed cmdbuild.war file.

Please consult with your operations/integrations team and/or the people that set up CMDBuild for you in the first place to get the details of the database you’re storing your CMDBuild data in.

Ok, I found the database and restored. But when i go into CMDBuild 3.2.2, I am not seeing any data. psql says the database is like 40+MB, but i still don’t see data. is there anyway to browse the current database from CLI. i’m on CentOS.

Assuming you’re connected to the database using psql and confirmed the availability of the database via \l to list the databases, you can go into the database using \c <database-name> and verify the contents with your typical tools. If you’re uncomfortable using the CLI for this purpose and have a stable connection to the server not requiring to SSH into it to access the SQL Port, have a look at PgAdmin to maintain and manage your Postgres Database.

Sadly I’m not allowed, I think, to link to it directly but you should be able to look it up in google.

You should still review your migration guide and how to cleanly migrate from version to version.

I guess you might be doing this all wrong. CMDBuild require to transform database between the version. Log in to your CMDBuild server over ssh. Go to the Tomcat directory, from there go to webapps/cmdbuild folder, run the following command:
./ dbconfig patch
this will run the upgrades for data structure in DB to make it compatible with new version of CMDBuild