Calculate total number of X

Looking at the building and floor card you’ll see totals for floors and rooms. I was wondering how this was done to recreate something similar in a custom class I created. Looking at the attributes in these classes give me no information as to how this was achieved.

Can anyone help?

what do you mean with “totals for floors”? It might be inheritance what you are thinking about, but I would love if you provided screenshots or more in-depth description

Backend Attribute
Front end Card
I created some custom classes and wanted to include totals like this for those with relationships.

I am not sure you can do that in the product. If autovalue does not work for you (in attribute settings, there is autovalue option, which might take some sql), you might need to do that manually or implement a small process to update it.
Or there is another option that @tecnoteca only knows :smiley:

Really wish the manuals had more information. The only thing I could find in the various manuals is that Autovalue is a string. (Woo Hoo.) and uoi put JavaScript code in there.

Do you have any idea how that works?

HI is there someone that knows how AutoValue works maybe with some little example?

Thx in advance