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CasAuthentication issue with CMDBuild

I am trying to implement SSO in CMDBuild by using CAS. I have installed CMDBuild and CAS in my local centos 6.5 machine. But i am unable to do SSO successfully.

Environmental Details are stated below 

Centos 6.5

CAS 4.2.0

CMDBuild 2.4.1


My Cas configuration inside auth.conf is




## CAS






But while i try to access cmdbuild from browser after changing the configuration. Some parameters are appending to the URL like below which causes cmdbuild not to start.



Also in CMDBuild log i found the same error,

INFO  2016-09-21 08:35:44 [cmdbuild] trying to login with no username or password

INFO  2016-09-21 08:35:44 [cmdbuild] Redirecting to https://localhost:8443/cas/login?service=http%3A%2F%2F192.168.50.161%3A8080%2Fcmdbuild%2Findex.jsp%3Fskipsso


As per the documentation,

"The CAS authenticator sends the request to the CAS server (${cas.server.url} + $ {}) specifying the CMDBuild access url (in the ${cas.service.param} paramter)" 

I have configured CMDBuild access url in cas.service.param

I am having some doubts on what i have to configure in cas.service.param and cas.ticket.param. What i have to add in cas.service.param and cas.ticket.param.
Any help would be appreciated.

According to documentation: