Change Management Error to Last Avance

Good afternoon,
     I have installed the CMDBuild application with Ready2Use without the sample data. I also have installed and configured Shark. Right now I am able to make a complete workflow of incident management.
     However, when I want to approve the change I get the following error:
Call: services/json/workflow/saveactivity
Error: org.cmdbuild.workflow.CMWorkflowException: org.enhydra.shark.api.internal.toolagent.ToolAgentGeneralException: Sourced file: eval stream : Typed variable declaration : Class: JSONArray not found in namespace
     The complete error is the file attachment.
     Although the error says that it occurs in the save activity, but I can save the change status without problems.
     If I have to indicate, that for both incident management and change management, in the NextRole (SNextRole and HNextRole) fields I have removed the filters.
Thank you very much

cmdbuildchangemanagementerror-txt (7.7 KB)
I have managed to solve the problem, I comment here if in the future someone is in the same situation.
In the end the problem is that the reference of a library, namely java-json.jar, was missing. I download it at the following URL:
After the jar file I copied it to the tomcat lib folder and restart it. The change management process worked smoothly.

The json-java-20110113.jar library is included in the CMDBuild release.

In your case can be a path problem?
CMDBuild Team

Mayby, but where can I configure the app lib path?

Dear Rubén Álvarez González,
the json-java-20110113.jar libray is present (or at least it should be) within CMDBuild application (WEB-INF/lib). Are you trying to use one of it's classes within one of the tasks of a workflow? If so, Shark cannot see it, you should copy it within Shark webapp classpath (e.g. Shark's WEB-INF/lib) or within Tomcat lib directory, but both solutions are discuraged because you should do after every update.
Best regards.
-- CMDBuild Team
Previously Rubén Álvarez González wrote:
Mayby, but where can I configure the app lib path?



   Thanks for the answer. I use Ready2Use workflow and it's used this class. I've install the CMDBuil Shark version. In Shark's lib directory not appear the java-json library. To repair the issue I've copied the library in Tomcat's lib folder.

Thanks for the instructions, 


Seems I’m suffering similar issue.
I’ve installed Ready2Use Docker container following these instruction: itmicus/cmdbuild_docker at github and now I cannot execute nor Change neither Incident.
Logged to container and checked Application libs and I see the following:

  • javax.json-1.0.4.jar
  • json-20090211_1.jar
  • json-20131018.jar
  • json-path-2.9.0.jar

But I cannot select the Next Role in the Combobox and also cannot create any Role when prompted - “Generic Error” gets displayed.
Logs read the following:

Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: null value in column "Code" violates not-null constraint
  Detail: Failing row contains (26494, "Role", null, null, A, admin, 2020-01-02 17:02:54.325429+00, null, null, 26494, null, null, t, {}, whatever, {}).

The NextRole Combobox remains non-populated all the time.