CI Model-STRING:100 limit canot be extended through Administration Module

Hi Support,

I am trying to extend Configuration item CLASS, Model field from STRING:100 to STRING:128. When I do that from GUI (Administration Module) it seems that the change is applied (at least on a database level it shows correctly) however on the web/front-end/ux the number still shows STRING:100. I did restart the whole system and it still shows the old value (STRING:100) on the web/front-end/ux (Administration Module). I also chcek the field limit on Database directly and it shows correctly the new (STRING:128) value.

The discrepancy, seems to me a glitch between the database and front-end/UX limits. Could you tell me how to fix this ? If there is any GUI limit or how to fix this? Or where I can adjust the limit (if somewhere in a Tomcat page etc.)?

Thank you very much in advance,
k.r. Petr

Hi Petr,
I’m not support, just think that it can be some validation rule defined in class. May be.

Hi Kvo,
Thank you for your input. It seems there are no validation rules whatsoever (as per attached picture).
It feels like there is another logic hidden… Any other guess?
Thank you again,