Class creation issue?


another point in the roadway to make all work and try

cannot create class at all, error is this:


org.cmdbuild.dao.DaoException: error while creating new class from definition = ClassDefinitionImpl{oid=null, name=TEST}, caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: classe not found for oid = 44011

Tables are created in the databases

All seems ok this time…i hope some good news ;D to finish setup

reinstalling from the sh instead of war solved this problem,

now, after weeks i finally have a 100% working enviroment with gis, bim, workflow, and class.

if someone need help to make all work i used these files:

  1. openmaint install sh version 3.1.1 with postgresql 10 and postgis 2.4
  2. geoserver war version 2.10.1 and qgis 3.10 for map data processing
  3. alfresco bin installer version 7 2017
  4. bimserver version 1.5.138 in war files

Having a complete installation following tech manual and forum is impossible, for example follow this to have alfresco up and running in 10 minutes (adapt to your linux flavour)

vultr . com/docs/how-to-install-alfresco-community-edition-on-ubuntu-16-04

i’ve a question for the mantainers, if we will proceed to purchase this, which is the SLA of your assistance? this forum is parsec far away to be a good “business card” …


hello friend can you help me with the configuration of the bimserver module version 1.5.138, I have this error
Non-empty database directory found “/opt/tomcat/webapps/bimserverwar-1.5.182/WEB-INF/database”
2020-06-30 10: 59: 09,129 ERROR [main] o.b.BimServer []
org.bimserver.database.berkeley.DatabaseInitException: java.lang.NullPointerException
Display the .war file in tomcat but it appears only loading forever …