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CMD build custom page/widget/component help

Hi everyone, so we are considering using CMD build in our company but we require to create a few custom pages, hoewever after reading the documentation, the forumns and doing a LOT of research on internet is seems there’s no clear instructions on how it works… this is what I’ve tried so far:

Installed Sencha Extjs
Created extjs project and build production ready app
Create zip file of app and uploaded to “Custom Pages” section on Administration Panel
Getting the following error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: main file not found in component data
Download CMDB source code
After reading the source code it seems is trying to match each file with the following regex expression


So I tried to create another project with name “CMDBUildUI” and view “CustomPage” with no luck, does anyone have any example we can follow?

It seems this is a really common problem and it’s really weird there’s no documentation about it, this will probably make us choose another platform/tool instead of CMDB.

Thank you in advance!

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