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CMDBuild 3.1 Card Multiple Update

In CMdbuild 2.x I Found very useful Card Multiple Update, available in Utility -> Multiple update.

Where can I found it in CMDBuild 3.x?


thanks in advance



The massive editing function is not currently available.

To know the available functions we suggest to consult the manuals.
CMDBuild Team
Massive card update it's really important for us.

I don't agree, usually a major release doen't remove completely a core function available in previuos releases.

You have to specify in manuals that migrating to 3.x leads to losing massive card update functionality.

I agree with Luca - this is an important feature. I do not see it mentioned in the 3.2 build target. Is it going to be re-introduced? Build 3.2.x, Build 3.3?

This function will be re-implemented, but it is not mentioned in the 3.2 program because the release is expected in January and the time available is not enough.
However, it will be included in version 3.3.

Thank you for your reply. It will allow us to plan ahead.

can you tell me when CMDBuild 3.3 will be be available?

thanks in advance


It will be released in September.

We are in September.
When it will be released CMDBuild 3.3?


CMDBuild 3.3 will be released in the week of September 21st.

Now we’re in Sep. 21 week.

In fact CMDBuild 3.3 was released yesterday …

I’m sorry
thanks a lot!!!