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CMDBUILD 3.3.3 - Task manager : Custom cron not working?


I’m using cmdbuild 3.3.3 and when I used the task manager “import data” with an advanced (so custom) cron, (for example every minute) the task do no start every minute.

Custom cron : * * * * *

Do you know if there is a problem with the custom cron ?

Check for tomcat/conf/cmdbuild/jobs.conf ; if it doesn’t exist, or if it’s “enabled = false”, try to enable Scheduler_jobs from the admin web interface (it’s one of the latest setting in the Navigation menu)

Hello @lorenzo23 , thank you for your answer.

Everyting is already enabled but the custom cron still does not work. Only the pre configured cron (every day, every hour,…) are working.

Sorry for the late response:
* * * * * is not valid
try * * * * ?
You can’t use the fifth and sixth values at the same time