cmdbuild connectors

Good morning all .
I am using cmdbuild Read2use 3.3. I have read the connectors manual. I don’t think I understood it. To use the connectors, do I need to install other tools? In the forum, I saw Basic connector and OCS external connector. do I have to install them? if so where can i find them?
I know I’m asking for too much. Could you explain to me step by step how to configure to get started?

thank you in advance.

The Connectors Manual is an old manual not present in the current CMDBuild documentation page:
The Basic Connector is no longer available.
To import data from files or synchronize data from relational tables, the Import / Export + Task Manager functions of the Administration Module are available.
The connectors for data synchronization from AD, OCS Inventory, VMware, etc. ( are reserved for those who subscribe to the maintenance service.