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Custom action after file upload

Dear all, my team and I successfully configured an instance of CMDBuild to have a kind of internal corporate project inventory. Each project has its own references to environments, servers, etc, and each software component developed and deployed within the project is stored along with its dependencies (libraries). I developed a utility to massively load libraries and bound them to components using them. Libraries can be provided in the form of pom.xml file, CSV file or package.json file. This utility leverages CMDBuild APIs.
So far so good.
Now my colleagues are asking me to have a self service “upload project libraries” function, as a custom widget in the project form.
I guess it should be some kind of upload file widget, along with a custom function able to parse the input file, extract dependencies/libraries and store them in CMDBuild (leveraging again CMDBuild APIs).
I know the CMDBuild let you to develop custom widgets that can be then used in CMDBuild UI, but I didn’t find any example about how to accomplish this.
Is there some kind of documentation or “getting started” to start with?
Thank you in advance,