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Data shown in the domain references in the attributes

How can I see and configure which fields of the classes are shown in the attribute with a reference to a domain?

example, I have two classes

class 1 “clients”
attribute 1 “name” str
attribute 2 “lastname” str

class 2 “sale”
attribute 1 “product” str
attribute 2 “customer” reference with domain “customers-sales”

in the customer-sales domain is an n:n source “customers” destination “sales”

The problem is that if I don’t use the default attributes that it creates (“code” “description”) attribute 2 of the “sales” class shows nothing, if I use the default ones it only shows the description

in other domains already created by ready2use some domains bring for example “code”-“model”[“hostname”]

How can this be configured to change the default attributes and put more than one attribute?

thanks for any information