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Disabling 'session not found token' notification


Every time i logged in CMDBuild, generic error window will pop out on bottom right and mentions session not found in details. How to disable it?

what version of CMDBuild are you using?

Latest version, 3.1.1

Hi, does the popup appear every time you log-in in CMDBuild? does it appear even if you logout and get redirected to the login form?

Appears when entering the webpage to login form, and also after successful login. No appears after logout. Occurs sometimes.

To disable the warning popups you can change the following configuration by setting the notification level to ERROR:
this will tell the system to generate the popups only in case of errors and not warnings.

Where can i locate this settings? Is it in CMDBuild web or in installation path config?

The settings are stored in the database under the “_SystemConfig” table, you can insert the configuration there or you can use the command setconfig:

bash restws setconfig org.cmdbuild.core.notificationMessagesLevelThreshold ERROR

Clean your browser caches and cookies, there was an old seesionid stored in it.
You can also with \SELECT * FROM public."_Request"\ in database to see what happened.

This forum is too quiet, I almost can’t find any solution here, have to deal with myself and try to leave a useful message.

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