Disabling the "Relation chart" action in "Groups and Permissions" doesn't work

I would like to disable the action “Relation chart” for a specific class when the connected user belongs to a specific Group.
Going in administration mode to the “Groups and permissions” menu, I selected the Group and then I disabled the “Relation chart” checkbox from the available actions of the class.

Then, I logged into the portal with a user belonging to that specific group but, when I open a card of that class, I still see the “Relation Chart” icon, available and working.

In my environment, disabling the “Relations Chart” only works globally, for all the classes, when disabled through the “Relation chart” options of the “System Config” menu.
Disabling globally, the “Relation Chart” is hidden for all the classes.

Can you help or do you know if there are any other things to be checked?