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Displaying a card takes a long time

Hi there, today i have a strange problem. if i want to open a class in cmdbuild, it takes up to 10 seconds to display this class. I’m using cmdbuild version 3.3.2. Does anyone have a solution to this problem. Immediately after the update to this version everything worked fine, but since today I have this phenomenon!



I had the same problem with a fresh install. I migrated from 2.5.0 to 3.2.0, re-created all from scratch, took up to 20 seconds just to open the login page and a few secs to display the data… crazy slow. On version 2.5.0 opening any item or the main page was immediate.

I had to enable compression following this procedure:

My instance is still slow but at least is not 20 seconds just to open the login page. I did monitoring and seems that this new version takes a few Mb/s of preload, so if you are on a limited bandwidth network like I am, this will badly affect the performance.

Hope that helps.

I found the problem. The path to my alfresco share was wrong. i updated to the correct path, and all was running fine.

Are there any other solutions to solve this annoying problem?

thx for your reply, but unfortunately this hint didn´t work for me.

I have the same issue.

Hi, in my case there was a wrong path in the DMS Settings.


Hi baecka,
Thank you kindly for your comment.
But I have DMS disabled, so there may be other reasons.

oh shit, then i have no idea, sorry

have you configured the Java memory Pool?

No, I didn’t.
Should I do that?

yeah… you should give more memory for the java pool to load