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I’m having issues setting up Alfresco for use with openMaint. Are there alternatives that can be used or does anyone have a straight forward step by step instructions I can use? The instructions on the Alfresco website is… fragmented for lack of a better word.

I can really use some help.

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  • hub.alfresco installing-alfresco-6-community-edition-in-ubuntu-using-docker
  • github alfresco-docker-installer.

For that versions from Alfresco you need too that:
forum.cmdbuild cmdbuild-3-3-alfresco-supported-version

Hello, the following could help someone. However, i cannot include links so…

search for “steps to install alfresco cms on ubuntu 20-04-lts” and select click from hackerxone

  1. Follow the steps as per the link above and install alfresco DMS
  2. Note, change port 8080 to 9080, port 5432 to 6432, port 8443 to 9443, port 8005 to 9005
  3. Go to /tomcat/shared/classes/ and edit to suit
  4. Go to settings in openmaint DMS and configure based on the Alfresco settings
  5. To setup some custom categories with alfresco, two files (cmdbuildModel.xml and cmdbuild-model-content.xml) have to be created and saved in the alfresco folder:
    Search files and copy from github.