Easiest way to install. (NAS)

Hi All
This software appears to be just what I am looking for. (openMaint)
I have two nas units, A qnap TVS 882, and also a Synology DS918+.

Has anyone successfully loaded this software on to one of these types of unit.
Now I know my way around these units user interface, I do not know the workings or ins/outs of linux.

Options I have are docker, container station, a VM, or native NAS Linux.
Although I have seen docker files, I not familiar with it, or command line type stuff.

Any help appreciated, as currently most of it looks out of my league.
I use my Synology for work related stuff. My website is hosted on it, also my mail server and cloud, through my own domain etc.

My Qnap is generally just home stuff, photos/videos etc.

scratching my head here