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Export/Import data from CSV in OpenMaint


I followed administration manual and successfully managed to create templates
for importing/exporting buildings data (using Demo DB). However, one thing is not clear to me.

There’s this one param - Coordinates in the Building class, which is just a String type.
In the administration module under Classes and Geo attributes tab, I can see the Position set up
as a Point type.

It gets created magically from my Coordinates string in my CSV file, but how does it work ?
I see no mapping for that. Obviously I’d like to to this for my own types
and if possible for other types like polygons as well.

I’m trying to figure out how to best import/export various geo data to the system. Is that
doable from CSV import/export functionality ?

Thanks for the answer.

please @tecnoteca,
any comment on this?

Thank you.