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Fetching attributes from referenced class


Is it possible to fetch other attributes besides code and description from referenced classes?

For example, if I have “Class1” that is referencing “Class2” and I would like to fetch “RAM slots” attribute from Class2 and display it on Class1 card?

I have searched through source files and found Client.js but no functions there that would meet these requirements.

I hear about Views from Administration module - you can create

Do you think about “Master Detail” and tab Details?

Thanks for the tips Kvo, but these are not they ways I’m looking for. I need to be able to display both info on the base data page of the card.

Okay, after trying everything and searching throuhg the sources, seems like “Views” would be the only feasible way to do this. However, I’m missing the “Views → From join”? Only filter and SQL options are available. We are using CMDBuild Ready2Use 2.1-3.3-b.

Sorry, it seems that 3.3 doesn’t provide “From join” views!
Try “From SQL” but it seems more complicated (as far as I know Technoteca doesn’t give manual about these possibility)