Files to backup

Kind of curious on this one because I don’t see much in the documentation or forums at the moment:

I am working on a way to better back up and recover the instance I have set up (2.5.1), however I am trying to find a “path-of-least-resistance” option for backing up the necessary files. Postgres backups already occur, and I’ve already been able to test the recovery of the backup on a test system, but I don’t see much indicating if there is anything else that should be backed up at the same time.

Questions are:

  • Is there a recommendation on what else to back up outside of the Postgres DB? And if so, which files in particular?
  • If not, is it just rebuilding the server from scratch, loading the war file in, loading the db backup in, and then working through normal setup?

After many trials and tribulations, I was able to sort this out and was able to recover a full instance of CMDBuild w/o having to do a full re-installation and setup of the application from scratch. The key files to back up include the database itself (would recommend a full backup and not a targeted DB backup), your /var/ directory, and your tomcat directory.

If you should need to recover, you can install the postgres and tomcat packages to your server, install and set up Java, then copy/paste the specific files from your var and tomcat backups to their proper locations on the new server. Note that you may need to change permissions and ownership to the proper ones after copy/pasting files.