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Filter data on HardwareSoftwareInstance domain

The Application class has an attribute (Hardware) which refers to the Hardware class.
(domain HardwareSoftwareInstance)
how to limit the data displayed by only showing that relating to VirtualServer and PhysicalServer.
I introduced this in the filter area

from Hardware where IdClass::regclass in (/’“VirtualServer’”::regclass, ‘"PhysicalServer’"::regclass /)

but it doesn’t work

please can you help?

thanks in advance



I didn´t found a right solution fort hat. I thing you can not use „IN“, „AND“, „OR“ in filter for REFERNCE field. You cann´t use LIKE „%Server“ too.

I have a idee.

You can make a hidden field in HARDWARE class. Maybe boolean.

And a trigger in DB for mark the field as true for IdClass [PhysicalServer, VirtualServer].

Than you can REFERENCE field filter with „hiddenfield“ = True

It is not perfect but it can work.

Hi Lopez
thank you for your help


Maybe your Problem has been solved.


CMDBuild 3.4.1 (released 2022-09-30)

  • Added in filter the possibility to select the operator and create complex filters