Filters and Map

Hi all!
Are filters work on map? My attempts was unsuccessful. When i go to the map and choose my filter for class PowerConsumer (and in case when i choose firstly filter and then go to the map) it show me error:

org.cmdbuild.dao.DaoException: error processing attribute filter = AttributeFilterImpl{mode=SIMPLE, elements=null, condition=AttributeFilterConditionImpl{operator=EQUAL, key=Category, className=null, values=[2058424]}}, caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: attribute not found for key = Category within classe = ClasseImpl{name=Floor}

“ClassImpl{name=Floor}” looks like CMDBuild try to use the filter not on my class PowerConsumer but on class Floor, and it is mistake or bug (?)

Now on, i remove navigation and filters work. It’s open questions how can i use filters with enabled navigation menu in GIS.