Getting Roles Through REST Api

Hi folks,

I’m facing a weird issue while trying to get Roles list form a script.
Connection to API is OK.
The api user is a superuser.
Getting classes,users, whatever is fine, except for Roles.
calling http://hostname:port/cmdbuild/services/rest/v3/roles returning a 200 status but no data in the body response.
I walked across the management UI in navigator debug mode and saw that the role rest request returns data with the role list.
I also found that the “detailed” parameter is not documented.

Does any of you have a clue on that topic ?


Have you tried cmdbuild/services/rest/v3/classes/role ?

Roles and users should be classes like everything else. In fact you can unlock them and override them (as maintainer did in Ready2Use) but maintainer seems to discourage from doing that.

Let me know if you got it fixed :slight_smile:

Everything is fine that was my Rest HTTP client that gave me an erroneous result.
Thanks for your support !