GIS and Shapefile

Hi all,
I cann’t show a floor plan on map from Shapefile file in CMDBuild 3.3 (in 3.2 I did it but it was different mechanism).
What I do:

  1. Create FloorPlan geo attribute of type Shape in class Floor
  2. Load my Shapefile to CMDBuild through admin->GIS layers menu and link it with FloorPlan attribute of “KON, 1 floor” card
  3. On the map I see "KON, 1 floor"s assets but I don’t see the plan

p.s. In GeoServer the plan is loaded normally and I can see it through OpenLayers functionality of GeoServer.

I update CMDBuild to 3.3.1 and shapefile is ok now.
But I get error
“java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid domain in relation filter, domain =< FloorAsset > is not valid for type =< Floor > with direction =< RD_INVERSE >”
when I click on some asset on the map. But it’s another question…