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Google OAuth 2 Activate in Authentication


Anyone who successfuly activate the Google’s OAuth2 on the authentication configuration?

Im having trouble on inputing values for OAuth2 parameters


The parameters didn’t return any changes as I click on Login with Oauth2.

this is late probably. you need to set Oauth protocol field. The possible values is one of: OP_MSAZUREOAUTH2, OP_KEYCLOAK, OP_GOOGLE, OP_CUSTOM

So in your case, you need to set it to OP_GOOGLE. I did not test but you can try this.

./ restws setconfig org.cmdbuild.auth.module.oauth.protocol OP_GOOGLE

Thank you so much. Yes there’s an improvement after applying the OP_GOOGLE protocol, as I was able to see the Googles login form.

The next problem is that, after logging in (or choosing) the Google account that has permission, it doesn’t log me in on the CMDBuild. It keeps me redirecting to the login page of the CMDBuild.

Hi @bugoy , didi you resolve the redirection to the login page after authentication? I’m facing the same issue, but with Keycloak. The login flow works, but I end up in the login page again. Looks like an authorization problem.

Hi Roger,

I’m still awaiting for any clues. For now I disabled the OAuth until I get solution to have CMDBuild worked with Google OAuth2.

I have seen thread that they were able to work OAuth thru Keycloak. Maybe you may check that one.