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I need help for a setting somewhere after install

Running Ubuntu 22.04
Installed apache tomcat 10
Installed open jdk19
Installed Postgres
When I install openmaint-2.3-3.4.1 everything goes great, openmaint starts and I can maneuver through the program no problem. I can close the browser and reopen openmaint again without a problem.
Now My issue----when I shut down Ubuntu, (I am running ubuntu in Oracle Virtual Box on Windows 10) I lose all cmdbuild settings. Cmdbuild during install configures localhost to port 8081, when I restart, I cannot connect to port 8081, only the default tomcat port of 8080.
I am not a good programmer, I know enough to be dangerous and this is getting frustrating because I can not figure out what config file I am missing that needs to be adjusted for startup.

Found my problem-- Tomcat 10 installed in root with root privileges. Openmaint installs Tomcat 9 in home directory. All instructions for install to ubuntu say install tomcat sperately along with other dependancies. Not Necessary when openmaint installs Tomcat. Also, one more dependency needed, for my machine anyway, was libcanberra-gtk-modules. I uninstalled Tomcat 10 and reinstalled openmaint. After some ownership tweaks, everything is working fine. Hope this helps others.