Install CMDBuild 3.2 with GeoServer

Hi all!
I install CMDBuild 3.2 and GeoServer 2.10.1 (as recommended on CMDBuild site, but in technical manual there is no information about recommended GeoServer version!).
All seems to work but when i try to add Layer with my Shapefile i get Internal Server Error 500! Does somebody can help me?

P.S. Technically CMDBuild run on Java 11, but GeoServer on Java 8, so i run two versions of Java in different scripts.

I’m sorry, i just didn’t create workspace ‘cmdbuild’ in GeoServer and didn’t delete all other data. Now it’s ok.

Hi Kvo,
Did you try CMDBuild 3.2.1 and connecting to Geoserver 2.10.1?



no, i have some ‘3.2-b’ version of CMDBuild

with 3.2-b vesion, can you display geoserver layer? could I download these version?
unfortunatelly, I only succed to save shape or geotiff geoserve laye via cmdbuild, but can not display on openlayer interface in cmdbuild.


Yes, geoserver layers work. You can try to use 3.2 version.
Do you check your geoserver? Is it contain correct layer after loading it through cmdbuild interface?

Yes I check geoserver and the store and layer is correct after I save from CMDBuild. But the mapviewer (openlayer) can not display the layer