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Is Domain Import Flawed?

Question to other CMDBuild users, is the way Domain Imports has been conceived flawed or am I understanding its functionality wrong?

To import domains, the only unique key values in classes and classes within a superclass are IdObj1 / IdObj2. Code and Description are not necessarily unique within a class, and definitively are not across classes of the same superclass.

It seems to me that we are required to know the IdObj1 / IdObj2 outside of CMDBuild for it to be usable as an import key, this in of itself is a terrible idea. The other would be to conceive Code or Description fields into some sort of cross class unique identifier, which is not obvious until you start modeling. To me, the easiest thing to do would be for CMDBuild to enhance the Domain Import function in a way that could leverage attributes within classes into some sort of composite primary key. Similar to how Import Classes can use multiple attributes as matching key. This way Domain Import would be actually useful, specially when it is applied to superclasses.

Am I wrong to think like this or am I missing something obvious?

As for me I don’t quite understand your question. But if problem is in extracting IdObj’s - you can get Classes Id’s through Export - just pick Id’s in Export template.

Yeah, I might have butchered my post, but my point (or grievance) is that with Importing Classes can use multiple attributes as matching key. It would be great to have the same with Importing Domains

Ok. Unfortunately, I didn’t deal with Domain Import yet.