Last Check Date on Cards

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It seems that when you change the ‘Last check date’ on a card and save it, the field displays as the prior day. For example, if I select today, 4/20 as the last check date and save, it will display as 4/19. Is this by design? I am unable to find any specific documentation on it.

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what version of CMDBuild are you using?


We’re using the latest version, 3.2.



I’ll need to ask you for some additional information, first of all what browser are you using?
Is the server installed locally or on a machine with a different timezone? Could I ask you to give me your computer timezone and eventually the server one so that i can try and replicate the error on my environment?

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We’ve verified the “issue” in Chrome and Firefox. The local machine is set to ET and the server time is UTC. I’ve noticed that the actual card shows the correct date, that is the date actually set on the edit card. The edit card shows the date set minus one, as shown in the screenshot below.


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I was wondering if you were able to test this out? I don’t think that the info card shows the ET timezone and the edit card shows UTC, as we had tested it after both timezones would have been on 4/16, for example we tried it around 10AM et on 4/16. This would be 10:00ET and 05:00 UTC, both on 4/16.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, it appears to be a bug of the UI visualization of the date field, it does not affect the information saved on the db, the fix will be available in the next CMDBuild version.
Thanks for the report

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