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Login page remains

Hi there, when i get the login page i can put my credentials to the fields. Also in the right lower corner i get the Welcome Message but the login page remains. Has anyone a tipp what can go wrong?


Try to reload page, or go to administration module:


Hi, i tried to reload but it doesnt work. I also copied the Administration Link.

Sorry, I don’t know what to do. Try different browser may be…

Thx for your reply, but it also doesn´t work with another browser. Has anybody else an idea what could go wrong?

I think for others it would be helpful to know: is it new installation or not (used), what product you use: cmdbuild, openmaint, ready2go.
And what system logs into the developer console of your browser and in logs folder - somthing like ‘…/cmdbuild_30/logs’

This may happen if you don’t assign the user you created to a group. Just login with the super user account . Go to admin module–>Users and edit the user by assigning it to a group down the page.