Lookup CQL filter example

Hi folks,
Does one of you have a simple CQL filter example to apply to a lookup field ?


Hi there,
The easiest way to figure out multiple things about this product is to have Ready2Use instance to look up solutions.

As for a simple example, i found:

from ITProcSubcategory where Id in (/( select “Id” from “ITProcSubcategory” where “Active” and “Category”::text = ‘{client:Category.Id}’ )/)

As you can see, when starting to nest the query, you also start using quotes " ".

Good luck!

Here’s how I restrict lookup to selected values
from LookUp where Id IN (/
(select “Id” from public.“LookUp” where “Code” in (‘Value1’,‘Value2’) and “Status”=‘A’ and “Type”=‘LookupName’)/)