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Openmaint add manufacturers list and add new list of IT items

Hello :wave: everyone in the openmaint when I record the assest (items) for example computer by default I have just four company (IBM,Sony…) in manufacture list. how I can add other like Lenovo,Asusu,MSI…etc?

Also In openmaint in configurational items of (IT) by default there is Computer,printer…etc what if I want to add a list of new assets like Switches or Access point?

Hope there is resolve to my issues

Switches and routers are under “telecommunications-network”. But I have the same question as to how to add your own brand. I have never seen samsung, bosch, or general electric routers or switches. Would be nice to be able to add to brands and type. There is no Fork Lift listing in Machinery. Also does anyone leave replies in this forum who are developers? Or does that come by subscription only!