Openmaint. Start Request CI dropdown box issue showing asset list

I have a fresh openmaint 2.0-3.1.1. I have been configuring the assets and the Start Maintenance request page CI drop down was showing the selection items in drop down as it should. I continued adding assets and tweaking in the administration module and now I find that the drop down list is acting strangely. It opens the drop down, but no writing is shown. If the mouse is scrolled up and down the empty box, it will show multiple selections. If you click on one, it does select something but shows blank. If you open the search icon, it opens a window that shows the checkbox by the item it picked. The list of assets are all shown within the search icon. So things are working, there is a problem displaying the information in the drop box some how??

Adjusted some things in the Lookup Types
Added new Super Class Machinery under assets
Added Machine types under Machinery
Adjusted some attributes for Show in Grid of my CI–>assets–>Machinery (super class)
Added some new attributes for my CI–>assets–>Machinery (super class)
Added some new attributes for my site (super class)
I may have changed some Show in grid items in the Site super class.

There are other things I have configured, but I believe the problem lies in the above or related to the names of the machinery assets I added.

If anyone has a suggestion on this? I’d hate to start from scratch again for something like this.



Hi. Please check if primary key attribute ‘Description’ (inherited) is active in the CI class.

Hi and thank you for the suggestion

Class–>Standard–> CI Subset the attribute Description looks good. I will put screen shot.

If I make an asset under any Pre-Existing cards such as “Equipment” or any pre-existing “Device” they show in the drop menu. However the blank lines of my assets I created in a New superclass with sub class of machine type grouping are still there without the text. Only a coloured bar appears at the mouse cursor. Thanks again

I have other picture showing the drop menu with the items in Equipment but blank for the other. However It does not let more than one picture per post apparently.


It appears that you might not have added CI subset card for your newly created class. Please see below screenshot and check it for your class.


I cannot choose my new class, it is not in the selection drop box. I will poke around more after work.


I have been testing with a fresh install.
Add Super Class Asset–> Machinery
Add class asset–>machinery–>machine

Add “machinery” value to lookup table COMMON - Classlist with the notes section containing “SUPERCLASS:true ANCHESTORS:{Class,CI,Asset}”

Add “machine” value to lookup table COMMON - Classlist with the notes section containing “SUPERCLASS:false|ANCHESTORS:{Class,CI,Asset,machinery}”

Now at this point In data management mode I can add “machine” to the “CI subset”

At this time, If I try and make a maint Request, I am still getting blank drop box. There is obviously more to this LOL

However its time to sleep and try more later.

Hi chrisedge, did you succeed?
I am stuck in the same exact place
Thanks in advance