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Printing cards as cron job

I'm in need of publishing pdf report containing a list of cards on daily basis. I'd like to automate this instead of doing it manually every day. Can this be done using command line so I could create a cron job for example? I didn't find rest api for this.

Workaround for this would be using SQL, but I don't like that option.

You can create PDF reports as CMDBuild report (configurable with JasperStudio), then schedule them with the CMDBuild Task Manager (Send email), available in the Administration Module, and send them via email.
Or you can write a small client program that executes the report via the REST or SOAP CMDBuild webservices and receive the resulting PDF, and run it through the system scheduler (in Linux “cron”).
CMDBuild Team

In new version there is no Task Manager for “Send email”, how can I schedule daily report sending?
Thank you!

Unfortunately you have to wait for the CMDBuild 3.3 version which will be available in September.