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Problem creating new process


I’m trying to create a new process from scratch.
Following workflow’s documentation (3.3. Defining a new process).
So I create a new process with its attributes/domains/users/groups/…
I download the xpdl file and try to edit it with Together Workflow Editor.
But I get the following error message

I fixed this issue replacing :

<xpdl:Package xmlns=""


<xpdl:Package xmlns:xpdl=""

but not sure that really fix the problem, but at least TWE succed to open it.

I am using:
cmdbuild 3.2.1 and 3.3
TWE : 5.0.1, Build Id: 20130807-0400-TAB-2.4-1

Kind Regards,

Problem related to TWE 5.0.1 resolved using TWE 5.5-1