Process update instance through API

Hi guys!

I am experimenting with API for processes and got a few questions.
updating instance does not work for me
at path processes/processname/instances/instanceid
i PUT a json looking like {“test_attr”: “Hi there”}
The api just goes error500 on me and does not say anything useful, returns only the empty process object

There is no api function to progress the process to the next step. Will it just go automatically, when possible? Or a gap in coverage?

Thanks for any suggestions, code snippets etc in advance.

Have a nice weekend!

Ok, so it might be that I am dumb, or the design is unintuitive.

The API works. I do not yet know how. Might consider doing a more in-depth instruction into APIs, if maintainer is not willing to provide their own, I’d be happy to contribute.

The point is, when i looked at list of process instances - if the attribute is a reference or a lookup, you should reference it in json by its own ID !number! that is not code or anything visible from webpage level. There is also a bunch of private variables going into a reference attribute, like _classname_code or _classname_description
The classname itself is previously mentioned number.

Hope it helps anyone :slight_smile:

I thought i might have been unclear in the main post, I want to clarify some things:
ad 1.:
I am refering to webservice manual 5.2.64. update function. I do have authenticated connection, It responds to 5.2.62 questions (both). Starting new, empty process (request with json == {}) as in 5.2.64 goes OK, but if i try to attach any format of json, it goes error 500. Same goes for updating an existing process instance.
It might be I cant find the right json data format.
If you happen to know whether it is just an issue of format, please, attach a json snippet.


Hi Martin,
for point 1 of your question above, you can see my answer here: