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REST API to get all classes list doesn't work

I’m trying to get a list of all classes in my CMDBUild ReadyToUse v.2.5.1 through python scripting with the following URL:


but I get 3 results only! Where are the rest ones? What’s wrong with the call? Thanks.

This is the response from the server:

There are 3 results
{‘data’: [{’_id’: ‘Class’,
‘description’: ‘Class’,
‘name’: ‘Class’,
‘parent’: None,
‘prototype’: True},
{’_id’: ‘Email’,
‘description’: ‘Email’,
‘name’: ‘Email’,
‘parent’: ‘Class’,
‘prototype’: False},
{’_id’: ‘LookUp’,
‘description’: ‘Lookup list’,
‘name’: ‘LookUp’,
‘parent’: None,
‘prototype’: False}],
‘meta’: {‘positions’: {}, ‘references’: {}, ‘total’: 3}}