REST, how to use WsQueryOptions

In webservice manual it is stated:
Before version 3.3 many endpoints that managed lists of items had the possibility of specifying the
filter, limit, sort and other constraints to the output. To avoid listing every time all the different
parameters a new object called WsQueryOptions has been created to always include those
parameters. When the parameter “wsQueryOptions is specified for an endpoint it might be possible
to use the followings:
• attrs List of attributes to return
• filterStr A string containing a filter
• sort A string containing the sorting function
• limit A long value to limit the amount of results
• start A long value to set an offset in the resultset
• detailed A boolean to forse the server to return a detailed response
• positionOf A long value containing an id to return in the meta field

How to construct this parameter?
I tried:

data = {
‘WsQueryOptions’: {
‘attrs’: [‘Code’],
‘limit’: 1


data = {
‘attrs’: [‘code’],
‘limit’: 1

and than python’s requests.get(endpoint, headers=self._headers, data=json_data).json()
but with no success.

Who tu use WsQueryOptions properly?


PLease I have the same problem

I would also be interested in this, I can’t see anything about this in the manuals.

If you find a solution tell me