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REST question about building geographic coordinates


I am using REST to POST new buildings to openMAINT.

Is it possible to insert the latitude and longitude of a building through REST?




Sorry, at this time the CMDBuild REST methods not allow you to act on the geographic coordinates stored in PostGIS.
We will add this feature in future releases.
CMDBuild Team

Tecnoteca. I’m curious, has this feature been implemented yet? Because I was looking over the “solution” in the post How to enter GPS location attributes manually and it seems overly cryptic.


  • Building is the name of the class
  • Position is the name of the geographical attribute
  • the value in the Master column must be the Id of the card (in the corresponding table in the public schema)

Yet I don’t see where building was even mentioned. No example of how the trigger should be structured, nothing.

Can we get an update on this topic/feature?