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Server management - Stop and Start disable

Hello, in the new version of openmaint 2.2-3.4 we cannot click on start and stop, is this normal? I would like to start Scheduler_Jobs. Also despite all my settings are ok and there is no error message in my logs GIS_GeoServer client does not start. Do you have any ideas ?

Having the same issue here. Do you have the solution now?

Hello, I have the impression that this version no longer takes into account the start and stop service. I still can’t connect to Geoserver and I don’t know how to start the Scheduler_Jobs. That said, everything else works fine so far. If you ever find the solutions on your side let me know and I will do the same.

same with me. but I also have error with DMS_Client, but Alfresco integration with cmdbuild is ok so far. all the function I need is working. Gis_Geoserver also no error report except in system menu.

When you create a PM, does it say it is scheduled? I get “Instance not planned yet” although when i create in the demo everything works fine.