SH installer not working on Ubuntu 20.04LTS

Bash don’t understands $[] anymore. The script must use $(()) instead for install.
Can you change the script.


Hi, thanks for the report, I’ll try to execute an installation on Ubuntu 20.04LTS and verify any issue with the installation procedure

Hi again, could you be more specific on where you are encountering the problem? Could you also paste here the error? Also are you using the file to install it via install command?

Yes, the 3.2.1 file.
Just ran the .sh file, and before the dd command runs, the bash complains, that the function $[…] doesn’t knows.
Sorry I have no text to copy. was not on my system, was from a friend.

I am sorry but I am unable to replicate your issue, we are aware of another error regarding the installation of tomcat via the cli installation, and that has been solved already, I’ll ask you to wait for the next release and try again, in the meanwhile you can proceed with the manual CMDBuild installation.