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Sorting Domains

Hello All,

I was wondering if there is a way of sorting domains by Description?

When I click on 'Add relations' I get list of available relation types for the class but they are sorted by time when they were added to CMDBuild.

I'd like to sort them by 'Description direct' if possible.

Any ideas?




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it is true, the list of domains is not ordered.
We will fix the problem in next versions.


CMDBuild Team

OK, thanks.

I thought there is some clever way of sorting this in database.
If not, I will wait for the next patch.

Are you still planning to solve this, or am I not finding out how to do it in version 3.3.2?


Temporal Solution for 3.3.2

  • Got o [CMDBBuild_332_DIRECTORY]/webapps/cmdbuild/ui/cmdbuild/
  • Make a bck from app.js file. cp app.js app.js_bck_YYYYMMDD
  • Edit app.js File
  • Search string: sortableColumns:false,
  • There only one match, change false whith true. sortableColumns:true,
  • Save and Enjoy it. Don forget refresh Browser without cache. Ctrl+F5