Templates for chassis based systems

Hello there,
I am new to cmdbuild and evaluating it as an asset and configuration management system for our business.
We are al regional telecommunication carrier and would like to use cmdbuild as a tool for managing hardware assets, their configurations and interconnections, location, services an so on.
For this we need something like templates for special hardware for instance switches with a certain number of port or chassis based systems with slots for interface board with a certain predefinen number of ports.
I tried this by extending the the datamodel with generic objects like interface boards or communications ports an tried to link these together, but it seems I am missing something.
What I wanted to achieve is to add for example 48 ports to such a board as reference attributes (reference to the port object, naming the attribute for instance port-1 to port-48.) So each time I select such a board, it is a board with 48 port, which I can link to other port or lines or so on.
Is this the correct way to achieve this ? Is this generally possible ? Am I missing something here ?
I would be thankfull for any hint to an solution.

Regards Hans