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Unable to send email with attached report

Hello All,
I’m using cmdbuild ready2use-2.1-3.3-b.
I try to use task manager to send an email with a report I have alredy create.
The mail is send without the report.

My report has been made on jasperreport and I can run the report.

Please could you help?

Here are the screenshot of the task I created.
The mail is send without the report.
Thank you for your help.

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

Hello, my problem is still not resolved.
please could you help me?

The problem I think is still open because I’m not able to send mail with report attached.
I configured with Task Manager a send mail task with a report attached and the mail is sent correctly but without attached report.

Please could you help? Is a known bug?

i’m having the same issue: I can run the report; the task manager works (it sends emails) but without attachment.

Sto avendo lo stesso problema: riesco a visualizzare il report; il task manager funziona (manda le mail) ma senza report allegato.