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User Last Login data (time)

Hi Community,

Is it possible to find the value “LastLogin” in the CMDBuild database? I would like to know the table name and filedname containing this value.

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Frans Erich

May be "_Session"."LoginDate"?

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Thanks again Marina, Bit this holds only the information of the current date. I’m looking for the last session dates of all users. So I can see who is using the application and who is not.

you can see which users logged in by using this query on _EventLog (e.g. all users’ sessions from 01-12-2023)

SELECT * FROM public."_EventLog" WHERE “_EventLog”.“User” != ‘system’ AND “_EventLog”.“User” != ‘anonymous’ and “_EventLog”.“Timestamp” > ‘2023-12-01’
ORDER BY “Timestamp” DESC


Thank you very much Oriche. This is exactly what I’m looking for.