Validation rules for attributes

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often asked but no satisfying answers here:
I’m trying to set up a validation rule for an integer-attribute. The requirement is quite simple: the value inserted shall range between 0 and 2. Nothing else.
I’ve tried thousands of code-pieces with same result: after updating the data management module I get a white input form without any chance to put data there.

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Test this in the validation rules field. Simply replace ‘Number’ by the name of your field.

if (api.getValue(‘Number’) >=0 && api.getValue(‘Number’) <=2) return true;
return false;

The result, is that if the value not in the range, the Save Button is not active anymore, back to normal if value is in range


thank you for sharing this.
Positive: the input form is not longer blank. But, sadly, there’s no effect on the Save Button.



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checked this one more time - It works with double quotes perfectly:

if (api.getValue(Number) >=0 && api.getValue(Number) <=2) return true;
return false;

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