workflow generating reports

Hi there,

I am tinkering with the reports in processes and I have two questions.

  1. Workflow manual specifies on page 15 widget called createReport - is there a possibility to pass the required parameter automatically? I keep getting the prompt to select it manually from the card list

Following the workflow manual, I already specified the parameter-1, yet it forces me to select it.
Is there a way to bypass this and automatically generate the report?

  1. Workflow manual also specifies how one can do that from scripts in workflow. Page 30/31 delivers an example


  • It generated the Report “DismissedAssets” which shows the list
  • of the abandoned Assets
    newReport = cmdb.createReport(“Assigned assets to”)

which is kind of useless. Where does this report go after .download()? I could not find it in attachments, this seems to fail silently.

The ultimate solution I would love to obtain is to have a widget on the right, that by clicking just lets you download the already created report ( based on previous process steps )

Any clues on why the widget behaves that way?
Thank you in advance