Workflow, scripts, R2U example

Hi there,
I am scanning the R2U processes thoroughly.
In Incident management process i found a line of code
which goes into every piece of script in the workflow graph.

What does it even do? Just pasting it in my cmdb instance process does not work( it throws an error ).
I am guessing it is a part of a bigger picture in R2U. Could you please explain just a little?

Moreover, i tried replicating behaviour of the code in r2u as follows:
I got a lookup “lookup1” with a field “answer1” with description “hi there”
I have a process attribute that is a lookup to “lookup1” named Message
In workflow graph, I wrote
Message = cmdb.selectLookupByCode(“lookup1”,“answer1”);

Yet it does display empty string. Any clues?

hey there, it is me again.
Any suggestions here

I cant seem to find use of this statement, neither its origin. Could you guys please provide some insight into:


What should I be looking for to understand things like eval or updateRelationList() (this comes from problem management sys01)

Thanks guys

Hi there once again. Grinded for a few hours yesterday,


Evaluates functions in a DataField in workflow xpdl file.

But my issue of using lookups does not seem to have any reason:

Message = cmdb.selectLookupByCode(“IntReport - responses”, “SecondStupid”)

Does keep the Message null.
Message is a type lookop to this exact lookup.

Any clues?

I have it figured out.

Just in case anyone ever would use this voodoo:

If you decide to update your process class(add an attribute) after having started developing workflow graph, you need to manually add DataField of corresponding type to the xpdl file. Without that, you wont (for god only knows what reason) be able to access those variables through scripts. You will be able to access them through human interactions. Why? Ask tecnoteca :v

As for eval(functionLibrary);
there was an extra datatype called functionLibrary in r2u workflows, containing some custom functions and imports.