Working hours control

i need to control the working by hours of different assets and configure a notification when a value is reached, can i do it from de administration module?

how i can do this control?

One question: Do the hours have to be calculated automatically?

Yes, that would help. I need it to be calculated automatically and also have the accumulated data available.

then you want to calculate the hours based on the time spent on an issue or change managment for a related Asset. Is that your intention?

I don’t know if this can be done with the administration module. But I have an idea how to do it.

if you want ot calculated that with issue or change managment you need save that how much time you work in it. Then you need a field where you store the minutes or two fields where you store the start datetime and end datetime.

You need a field also in all asset to save that time. That field can be hidden. With a database trigger (on Insert or Update Helpdesk) you can set that value. [NewWorkingTime] = [OldWorkingTime] + [HelpdeskWorkingTime]

Maybe you need also a field in asset to save how much time you need for a notification. for Example 30min ist time for a notification, when [AssetWorkingTime] >= [TimeToNotification] then send notification.

You will need a script in cron to make that comparasion and send a mail. Which e-mail address depends on whether it is fixed or user related to the asset.

I hope this can help you even a little bit.

Have a nice day.

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